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    • 請問Consolidators這篇文章的翻譯

      Consolidators obtain less than container load (LCL) cargoes from shippers and combine, or consolidate, ...貨物並加以合併整合成整櫃以便船運或火車運送。 Ocean carriers at times double as consolidators, but in most cases, freight forwarders assume the role of consolidator as consolidation work ...

    • 有人知道ticket consolidator的意思嗎..

      「Ticket consolidator」是國際多家航空業者聯合發售的一種網購便宜機票。 2008-11-28 10:21:42 補充: 該種混載聯合航空業者,提供便宜的飛行、旅館、汽車出租、旅行保險…標榜帮助您旅行到世界任何目的地,創造完善、伐算的旅遊品質。

    • 請翻譯Consolidator這段英文

      ...線上翻譯的內容來回答呢? 如果可以用的話那翻譯社都要倒閉了...... A consolidator is a supplier that we utilize to buy products/services from...