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  1. construction

    • IPA[kənˈstrəkSH(ə)n]


    • n.
      the building of something, typically a large structure;the building of large structures considered as an industry.
    • noun: construction, plural noun: constructions

    • 釋義


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    • 英文absolute construction?

      ...they are to protect ------finite-----mc. Or:-The Absolute Construction where an absolute phrase is usually used adverbially:-eg:- It ...

    • 關於英文over two years of construction的句型問題。?

      ...of learning 兩年的學習 (兩年學習) 這裡 over two years of construction 就是「超過兩年(的)建造」。 但其實這句的學習重點應該在 just 這個字...

    • construction paper英翻中

      construction paper 是「勞作紙」。在美國通常是一包一包地賣,可以選單一顏色或多種...8/n/AB04640049/o/151208090797513872259910.jpg 2012-08-09 21:27:43 補充: construction paper 比一般影印紙厚,但比卡片薄。剪下來比影印紙剪的硬,比較好黏貼。也...