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  1. construction management

    • KK[kənˋstrʌkʃən ˋmænɪdʒmənt]
    • DJ[kənˋstrʌkʃən ˋmænidʒmənt]
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  2. 知識+

    • 中文翻譯成英文!

      Application of Fuzzy Logic in Appraising Construction Jobsite Management這樣翻才對題目的話最好用名詞當開頭第一個字

    • 翻譯綠建築這段英文 (請勿用翻譯機 20點)

      ...the life cycle of construction ( from the time of material produced, plan, desgin, construction, use, management, till demolition, a series of processes ) able to consume the less resource, energy...

    • (英文) 急 20點 建築方面的翻譯

      ...they also facilitate yet reduce the man-hours required for architecture and construction drawing management. 四種模數定義此系統: 文庫恢復模數 , 欄位排序模數. 標貼模數, 指標歸屬模數...