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  1. consuls

    • consul的名詞複數
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    • council、counsel、consul、console

      council and counsel have the same pronounciation 重音都在前面音節 COUN consul 重音在前面音節 CON console 重音在後面音節 SOLE

    • 有關英文片語填空的問題

      Jack applied ____to___ the American Consul ___for __ a passport. Apply to -- 向....申請 Apply for 申請取得.... 所以那一句話也可以這樣說 Jack applied for a passport in the American Consul.

    • 拜託英文高手 修改英文 附上中英文

      ... of the TAKAO area, displaying the brief introduction of the consulate on TV constantly at the same time, and there are furniture with European...