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  1. consult with


    • ph.
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    • 1. 商議;交換意見 I'm going to consult with my publisher about my forthcoming book. 我將就我即將問世的作品與出版商交換意見。
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    • 中級英文文法問題

      There is no necessity for you to consult with him 在文法觀念上for you為何會擺在此位置...適當的主詞補語; 下面兩句才是全等的: To consult with him is of no necessity for you. = It...

    • take sth. up with sb.

      ...something or deal with something The school took the matter up with the police. consult (with) sb (about sth) to discuss something...

    • turn to = consult ?

      ... good at Math.你可以用consult,但是要加with,意思是請教。I consult with classmates who were good at Math.