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  1. consultation

    • IPA[kɒnsəlˈteɪʃ(ə)n]


    • n.
      the action or process of formally consulting or discussing;a meeting with an expert, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice
    • noun: consultation, plural noun: consultations

    • 釋義


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    • english-to-chinese translation

      slot 是指空隙, 用在時間上就是指空檔. available 是指空閒的或可使用的 consultation 是指諮詢或會議 book 是指預約或預訂 所以這二句就是說 : " 12月你何時有空做諮詢(或開會) " " 請幫我把時間預訂下來 "

    • 請幫忙翻成英文.....謝謝 454

      I really need to leave (for a consultation with my professor) to clarify things I do not understand. I...

    • 有誰可以幫我修正這一段翻譯,謝謝!!’s service item is 環境保護措施的相關諮詢 The related consultation of the environmental protection measure 主要為現今歐盟三大環保指令WEEE,...