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  1. contact

    • n.
      the state of physical touching;caused by or operating through physical touch
    • v.
      communicate with (someone), typically in order to give or receive information;touch
    • verb: contact, 3rd person present: contacts, gerund or present participle: contacting, past tense: contacted, past participle: contacted

    • noun: contact, plural noun: contacts

    • 釋義


    • 1. the state of physical touching equipment in contact with water can benefit from rubber lining 同義詞 touch, touching, proximity, exposure, contiguity, ... 更多
    • caused by or operating through physical touch contact dermatitis
    • a connection for the passage of an electric current from one thing to another, or a part or device by which such a connection is made the sliding contact of the potentiometer
    • contact lenses she didn't have her contacts in
    • 2. the action of communicating or meeting she had little contact with family members 同義詞 communication, connection, correspondence, touch, association
    • a meeting, communication, or relationship with someone they have forged contacts with key people in business
    • a person who may be approached for information or assistance, especially with regard to one's job Francesca had good contacts 同義詞 connection, acquaintance, associate, liaison, friend
    • a person who has associated with a patient with a contagious disease (and so may carry the infection) all efforts are made to persuade possible contacts of patients with either disease to attend for investigation


    • 1. communicate with (someone), typically in order to give or receive information anyone with any information should contact Darlington police
    • 2. touch I winced as my blister contacted the floor