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    • 關於列表機的翻譯內容~勿用翻譯軟體~謝謝

      ...print and cut the entire document prior to delivery.  This prevents consumer contact with the printed page during the printing process and eliminates the single largest...

    • (商業用) 英文翻譯成中文

      ... regulations relative to food contact(?) safer  應符合法國和歐洲關於食物冷藏櫃的... for each shipment每次出貨需檢附法令符合證明the printing should not start without artwork approval  圖樣未獲核可之前...

    • 產品名稱及內容((英翻中))~感激~

      ... OF SPECIAL TRANSFER PRINTING INKS由 by R&D chemists... more all details please do not hestated to contact us by return詳情請洽....