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  1. continuation school

    • n.
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    • 中翻英..need help !!

      ...aggressive. No bad habits. High school for punching machine continuation school for work-study immodesty truncated right index finger with middle finger to a half...

    • 進修學校的英文到底是什麼?

      1) 一般看到的說法是: School of Continuing Education 或是 School...2. 我覺得進修學校不要加high或vocational; 我是覺得用 School of Continuing Education Affiliated...

    • 很口語化的一般翻譯 謝謝你們

      ...junior middle school to have to rise、then parents let me go to the continuation class to supplement English course. School textbook pay kk phonetic symbol、but continuation class Mr. to hand in unrestrained...