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  1. continue

    • IPA[kənˈtɪnjuː]
    • vi.
      持續; 持續下去; 持續不斷;繼續; 繼續進行
    • vt.
      繼續;再開始; (中斷後)繼續
    • 過去式:continued 過去分詞:continued 現在分詞:continuing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 持續; 持續下去; 持續不斷 rain continued falling or to fall 雨下個不停
    • 2. 繼續; 繼續進行 to continue doing or to do sth. 持續做某事 to continue with sth. 繼續做
    • 3. 繼續走 to continue over/through/across sth. 一直走過/穿過/越過某處 to continue down the road 一直沿著馬路走
    • 4. 延伸 to continue across the desert/to the sea/into the distance 穿過沙漠/延伸到海邊/延伸到遠方
    • 5. 重新開始; 繼續; 繼續說 she continued by saying ... 她接著說道…
    • 6. 繼續擔任 to continue as sth. 繼續擔任 to continue in sth. 繼續做


    • 1. 繼續
    • 2. 再開始; (中斷後)繼續 ‘to be continued’ “待續” continued overleaf/on page 8’ “接下頁/第8頁”
    • 3. 繼續說 'as I was explaining,' he continued “我正在解釋時,”他繼續說
    • 4. 保持; 保留 to continue a way of life 保持一種生活方式


    1. persist in an activity or process

    2. remain in existence or operation

    3. remain in a specified position or state

    4. carry on with (something that one has begun)

    5. recommence or resume after interruption


    「1. persist in an activity or process」的反義字

    「2. remain in existence or operation」的反義字

    「3. carry on with (something that one has begun)」的反義字

    「4. recommence or resume after interruption」的反義字

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    • continue, definitely, exactly

      I was allowed to continue using the library. 我獲准繼續使用該圖書館。 ...風帆運動是完成不便宜的。 2009-10-30 19:57:57 補充: continue using = 繼續用 continue to use = 繼續意圖用 continue...

    • 文法高手請幫幫我 continue

      ...問題。 They are bound to fail if they continue (to be) at the risk of all these dangers. 針對 at...continue 與 be 動詞結合比較特殊,所以我在回答中說,continue 「習慣上」用不定詞, continue to be。 continue 後面加...

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      ...gerund and infinitive such as remember, forget, *I was allowed to continue using the library. (more likely he or she was using at that time...