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  1. continuous wave


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    • 修改英文短文,謝謝. 感謝!

      ... an exciting area where we could play in the water and enjoy the continuous wave BUFFETING us. It was such a nice feeling to jump...

    • 請求英文高手翻譯一篇文字

      異常好的這一個發送器中華民眾共和國-47提供單個樂隊(USB)側面的 從2.000 MHz到11.999 MHz在高的頻率(高頻)範圍方面地無線電通信的連續的波(CW)和電傳打字電報(fsk)模式。 這台收音機是一個2個人的隊,包裝transportable,發送器接收器。 是的 因為操作是,一個...

    • 求幫翻譯影片(英文無字幕)

      ... to find ways to harness the power of waves and tides. The UK's marine current... like a underwater windmill driven by fast continuous ocean currents or quickly rising tides...