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    • 1. 訂約加入 We'd like to contract in on this project, if possible. 如有可能, 我們願意簽訂合同參加這一計劃。
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    • 簡單的exclude文法問題&contract介系詞

      ...以較柔和的被動語氣為佳。C. contract前的介系詞用in對嗎?一般稱合約裡用in contract or on contract?介系詞,不能由幾個字就來單論決定該用哪一個,而要看整句...

    • 請翻譯以下英文 請翻譯以下英文

      ...the English contract version shall be binding for the interpretation of the contract in any dispute. 遇任何爭議之時契約的解釋只有英文契約版本的措辭具有約束力。

    • (急)請幫我回答以下英文問題 英文回答 the company policy for not paying the bribe even if I have to lose the contract. In additional I will report this incident to my immediate superior for further action...