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    • 關於價格打折~英文請幫忙修改

      ...對方的報價尚未成交的, 稱為offer或quotation; 已成交的稱為concluded pricecontracted price. 我已經確認過對方的報價,價格是依照合約價,另外再給予8%的折扣!(92折...

    • 簡單的exclude文法問題&contract介系詞

      ...當中」句子結構會更精準。如此一來,英文則可說成: The discount in the contract is not applicable to the price of Product A. 或 可精簡成The discount in the contract...

    • 公司郵件請幫忙翻譯一下 急哦

      In the case where you already a service contract, pricing and SLA agreed, Sheila and I have agreed to...