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    • 關於transceiver control logic的意思

      transceiver control logic 邏輯控制收發器 The transceiver control logic (TCL) consists of bit stuffing... Pipe英國標準管螺紋?)聯合了單位元素縱線. 接受訊息, 公斷 message transmission and error ...

    • 關於out-of-control的中文意思??

      ...nervosa is definded as recurrent binge eating episodes with out-of-control consumption of generally high-calorie foods in a discrete time period. 神經性暴食症(Bulimia Nervosa)也被視為是週期性陣發性劇食且會在一段非連續時間內無控制進食高卡洛里食物. 希望能幫到...

    • spiral用法

      ...半徑可以逐漸變大或變小. 這就是為什麼它有 "快速和不受控制"引伸意思. 2014-05-16 00:31:09 補充: If you can hold onto the rope, then it will NOT spiral out of control.