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  1. control character

    • IPA[kənˈtrōl ˈker(ə)ktər]
    • n.
      a character that does not represent a printable character but serves to initiate a particular action.
    • noun: control character, plural noun: control characters

  2. 知識+

    • 請幫忙看此文句子有無不妥或不通順之處,請協助指正謝謝

      ..., but now he has his crew to help him control. Because he is so innocent and funny, many people arouund the... like him. Luffy is my favorate cartoon character.

    • 急! 中翻英! 簡單!

      ... Character, NPC) thinking behavior, rather than the player character can not be controlled by the player, it must first be set into its capabilities...

    • 汽車性能檢測原文翻譯...

      ... and size of steering corrections (control activity). 使用操縱校正的數目和型號。﹝操控 活動...predictable throughout the maneuver or does the under/oversteer character change suddenly (predictability)? 在整個行進過程中正面反應程度...