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    • 句子文法確認

      ...grateful to receive your payment of HK$250 at your earliest convenience. 關於倉儲費, warehouse fee只是個俗稱, 雙方都懂是不妨的, 但它的正式項目名稱為: demmurage fee/cost/...

    • 請問超商取貨的英文

      ...購買這項商品 I'd like to purchase this item by (convenience) store pick-up. BTW, store pick-up is one of...those purchasers who try to avoid the shipping fee. There's no cost for store pick-up while it ...

    • 幫我看看我的英文順便修改一下

      ...convenience store", it is really convenient to have those convenience stores located at every corner.  They...only need to do is to fill out a form and pay a small fee. And the goods will be delivered there...