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    • convenience的名詞複數
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    • Convenience and Fidelity??急急急!

      Topic: Fidelity vs. Convenience 1.) What is Fidelity? ...較差, 反之亦如此) 最佳情形: high fidelity and high convenience 最差情形: low fidelity and low convenience 3.) ...

    • convenience 和 convenient 10點

      convenience 是名詞 方便 convenient 是形容詞 方便的 形容詞用來形容名詞 It ...convenient. 香港的大眾運輸系統是很方便的. For customers' convenience, we all do in this way. 為了給客戶方便,我們都是如此做. For my...

    • marriage of convenience翻譯

      ... because the government suspects the couple of having a marriage of convenience. 她正面臨被丹麥的逐出,因為政府方面懷疑她們夫妻是假結婚. marriage of convenience...