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    • zhuyin[ㄓㄜˊ]
    • pinyin[zhe]
    • to break; to snap;to lose; to suffer the loss of
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • 1. to break; to snap
    • 2. to lose; to suffer the loss of
    • 3. to turn; to bend; to twist
    • 4. to turn back
    • 5. to admire; to be convinced
    • 6. to convert into; to amount to
    • 7. to discount; to rebate
    • 8. to fold
    • 9. a turning stroke (in Chinese character)
    • 10. a booklet
    • [Philosophy] to change; to convert; to transform

    • to convert into money; to evaluate in terms of money

    • to digitize (to encode images or sound in a format that may be processed by a computer, or to convert analog information, such as an audio signal, into digital data)

    • voice recogniton; speech recognition (Technology designed to recognize the sounds of human speech and convert them into digital signals for processing as input by a computer. Voice recognition technology is used mainly in communications and computing. Command systems designed to recognize a few hundred words are used to eliminate the need for a mouse or keyboard in performing repetitive operations. Discrete systems, used in dictation, require the speaker to pause between words. Continuous recognition handles natural language at normal speed, but requires considerably more processing capability. Systems capable of understanding large vocabularies spoken at any speed are expected to become mainstream in the foreseeable future.)

    • scanister; scanning apparatus; scanning device

    • to convert into; to amount to; to commute

    • digital recording (In digital recording, the analog signal of a sound is converted into a stream of discrete numbers, representing the changes in air pressure through time; thus making an abstract template for the original sound.)

    • to convert weakness into strength

    • gift coupons sold by a shop, which the recipient may convert into goods or cash at the shop in question

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    • convert into 的意思有疑問

      其實英文和中文一樣一個字在不同的地方會有不同的意思,所以into在這裡不是放進去的意思,into 本身就是一個介詞,英文還有一些是"片語"...

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      ... that load addresses from some address pool are converted into address producers, that address pool is no longer accessed...

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      ...作need的受詞 第二句: and all address producers in the code need to be converted into (sequences of) real ARM instructions. all address ...