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  1. cooked prawn

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    • 請幫我翻譯以下這道菜的做法

      ... removed 20隻蘆筍 蒸到剛好軟 把頭去掉 7. 200g/7oz cooked peeled prawns 200克或7盎司煮熟去皮的對蝦 8. sea salt and freshly ground pepper 海鹽...

    • 食物翻譯成日英文

      ... style) 炸蝦天婦羅 (Deep-fried Prawn Tenpura) 綜合握壽司 (Onigiri Combo... Corns) 和風日式九孔鮑 (Abalone cook in Japanese style) 2012-01-04 02:51:11 補充...

    • 餐飲英文對話~急

      ...beef with gravy. I will try this deep fried prawns with vegetables. I will have the top sirloin...: How would like to have your steak cooked. Medium please. Is the gravy spicy? W...