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  1. cookie talk

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    • 英文文法整理

      It could have been Kelly's big sexy smile Kelly made tasty ice cookies Pam talked about art from those pictures 有點勉強的翻譯 不確定您要的是甚麼 有extra 疑問的話別客氣

    • 可以幫我改一篇作文嗎?!

      ... of all, i like to have afternoon tea. having a cup of tea and some cookies, have a liitle chat with my friends. That's a happy time for...

    • 那巧克力裡面有包葡萄乾~ 這句話如何翻譯成英文?

      ...網頁中最常用。 4.他也喜歡吃我說的那種餅乾 He also loves the cookies (that) I talked about. 喜歡: love和like都可以﹐love比like的意味強烈﹔ that可以省略; “我說...