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  1. cop out of sth.

    • ph.
      【貶】退避, 迴避, 逃避(尤指因恐懼)
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    • 1. 【貶】退避, 迴避, 逃避(尤指因恐懼) He was boasting about how brave he was at the start, but copped out of it at the finish. 他起初誇耀自己勇敢, 到頭來卻打了退堂鼓。
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      ...在這裡並不適合 應該說 "talk out" " Don't try to talk the cop out of writing you a ticket, the situation could get worse!" 但是如果你...

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      ...class. 2009-02-04 21:30:13 補充: That strikes me as a cop out, designed to excuse the terminal inability of the English left to raise its game. 2009-02-04 21:30:23 補充...

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