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    cop out
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    • 請問英文片語是什麼意思?及相似字

      ...住宿); 報到 check up on: 查清 clear up: 放晴; 清理; 澄清 come to an end: 結束 cop out: (俚語)放棄; 逃避 cover ground: 旅行: 涉及 cut and dried: 預先...

    • 使用talk...into造句

      ...在這裡並不適合 應該說 "talk out" " Don't try to talk the cop out of writing you a ticket, the situation could get worse!" 但是如果...

    • 請幫我翻譯下面這段英文

      ...of a man can got true love? 什麼樣的男人可以得到真愛? I hate any cop-out 我討厭任何藉口 Just be brave and tell the truth for me 勇敢的...