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  1. copper sulphate


    • n.
      a blue crystalline solid used in electroplating and as a fungicide.
    • noun: copper sulphate

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      calcium 鈣 copper 銅 lron 鐵 zinc 鋅 magnesium 鎂 potassium鉀 nitrogen 氮 sulfate 硫酸 2010-10-27 16:52:59 補充: 【化】鈣...大氣的百分之七十八。 2010-10-27 17:00:43 補充: sulfate 硫酸鹽[C][U] Most sulfates...

    • 一個回答的小問題

      ...要我們把 剩餘的 chemical 倒到 beaker 裡面 A student pours a blue copper sulphate solution down the sink. Ans: The student should have poured the solution...

    • 徵求高手修改開發信

      ... have a lot of experience in supplying copper oxide, copper carbonate, copper sulphate, cooper chloride and the other copper-related chemical material. We can provide...