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  1. coral snake


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    • 這篇英文作文可以嗎?

      ... scuba diving. I saw many fish and coral reefs. It looked like a park under the... saw a crab walking on the road and a snake in the park. Next day, we went to the saltwater...

    • 以英文字母開頭的動物或昆蟲名稱

      ... 牡蠣 starfish 海星 sea horse 海馬 carp 鯉魚 Dinosaur 恐龍 coral 珊瑚 jellyfish 水母 squid 烏賊 chimp/chimpanzee 黑猩猩 peacock 孔雀 quail 鵪鶉 turtledove...

    • 一份英文作文需要幫幫忙~!【十點】

      .... If you are riding near coral, do not use an anchor, and be careful when diving to... birds, frogs, turtles, snakes and possibly alligators. Observe ...