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  1. cordon off

    • vt.
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      以警戒線分隔或包圍 Police cordoned off the area until the bomb was defused. 警方封鎖了這個區域直至拆除炸彈的引信為止。
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    • cordon off的意思?

      是片語喔~ 我剛剛查一下 cordon sth off 以警戒線分隔或包圍 to position a line of police,soldiers,vehicles,etc.,around an area to guard it or to close it off 安置警察線, 戰士、車, 等, 在區域附近守衛它或結束它

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      ... and Kwong’s engagement party, in an area in one restaurant’s rear cordoned off from the public, goody bags are stuffed with plush McDonaldland...

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