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  1. core asset

    • n.
      an asset of an enterprise considered to be essential to its success.
    • noun: core asset, plural noun: core assets

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      ...bonus share =紅股 component index=成份指數 convertible bond=可轉換債券 core / non-core assets =核心/非核心資產 corporate bond=企業債券 debt-for-equity swap =債權轉股權 deceptive...

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      ... and monuments should be at its core is the establishment of a "value based" courses to understand the importance of cultural assets and conduct fire drills activities to increase...

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      ...但Core等人(2006年)使用的則是資產報酬率。Core等學者(2006年)的主張是,使用資產報酬率的涵蓋面...台灣網站上找到的參考資料--- 資產報酬率 return on assets。ROA 股東權益報酬率 return of equity。...