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    • Notwithstanding詞性

      ...意思和句子2的意思、句子3的意思有一樣嗎? Ans: 句子1的意思和句子2的意思一樣 句子1的意思和句子3的意思一樣, 但在句子內放置位置是不同 See above By the way, the sentences you provided are not.... It should either be a semi-colon or a period before the word “I” because there is no conjunction in this sentence. Correction: He is nice; I don’t like him, notwithstanding...

    • 請問一些連接詞問題

      ...cleanliness; they bathe frequently. (只用分號,也可表示對等關係) 2012-02-07 16:04:46 補充: 另外還有一種相關連接詞(correlative conjunction),也是表示對等關係: Not only is the book boring, but it is also difficult. not...