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  1. costlier

    • costly的形容詞比較級
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    • [even though]為什麼會在這裡用?

      .... Even不行,因為even不是連接詞 B.It is relatively costly,缺少連接詞連接It is relatively cost, the diesel... D. There...

    • 英文翻譯(10點贈送) 請勿翻譯機直翻

      Provided it is too costly for the follower to observer the leader’s output在領導者的產出狀況下對追隨者到觀察者來說成本是太高了 2011-12-28 16:23:19 補充: 就是如果追隨者與觀察者用領導者一樣的規格來生產時, 成本會太高

    • 請問這兩句英文的意思??

      ...factory-outlet model to the supermarket 2. Both of these practices eliminate costly handling by middlemen and distributors...