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  1. cotton wool


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    • 英文的醫藥用具

      cotton wool 藥棉;脫脂棉 kidney dish 腎形盤 syringe 注射器;針筒;沖洗器 air and water jet...

    • 關於 culminate 的翻譯

      ...2012-01-10 16:01:03 補充: Spin:to draw out and twist fibers of cotton, wool, silk, etc., into yarn or thread ▪ She spun the silk into thread. http...

    • 幫忙翻譯英文句子,參加比賽使用的!

      ...段鐵絲固定脫脂棉,將其懸掉在瓶內後蓋上瓶蓋。 And then take a piece of cotton wool to dip into clove oil, fixing cotton wool with a small section of wire hanging...