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  1. cough syrup

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    • 喉糖/喉片/喉錠/糖漿/枇杷膏英文要怎麼說呢?

      ...sweet, throat lozenge 2. 喉片 cough drop 3. 喉錠 cough mixture 4. 糖漿 cough syrup 5. 感冒糖漿 medicated syrup for colds 6. 川貝   2007-03-20 22:31:36 補充: cough drop 也可以叫做 throat drop

    • 英文文章翻譯 (英翻中 14

      I still coughed hard last night. As a matter of fact, the cough syrup seemed not working for me. I left the shrubbery at 9...

    • 求助用藥英文說法,謝謝

      ...粒 take one pill before bedtime 2. 咳嗽藥水搖一搖再喝,一次5CC shake cough syrup before using, 5ml at a time 3. 紅藥包在有發燒或頭痛的時候吃 take red...