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  1. count

    • IPA[kaʊnt]


    • v.
      determine the total number of (a collection of items);recite numbers in ascending order
    • n.
      an act of determining the total number of something;the total determined by counting
    • verb: count, 3rd person present: counts, gerund or present participle: counting, past tense: counted, past participle: counted

    • noun: count, plural noun: counts

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. an act of determining the total number of something at the last count, fifteen applications were still outstanding the party's only candidate was eliminated at the first count 同義詞 calculation, enumeration, computation, reckoning, counting, ... 更多
    • the total determined by counting there was a moderate increase in the white cell count in both patients 同義詞 amount, number, tally, total, total number, ... 更多
    • 2. an act of reciting numbers in ascending order, up to the specified number hold the position for a count of seven
    • an act of reciting numbers up to ten by the referee when a boxer is knocked down, the boxer being considered knocked out if still down when ten is reached he dropped by the ropes to take a count of six on one knee
    • 3. a point for discussion or consideration the programme remained vulnerable on a number of counts
    • a separate charge in an indictment he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder
    • 4. the measure of the fineness of a yarn expressed as the weight of a given length or the length of a given weight.
    • a measure of the fineness of a woven fabric expressed as the number of warp or weft threads in a given length.
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    • count of的英文解釋和例句

      1. You use count in expressions such as a count of three or a count of ten when you ... lowly up to a certain number. Hold you breath for a count of five, then slowly breathe out ... The fight ended when Mendoza...

    • count,arithmetic

      First, "arithmetic" and "count" have different syntactical functions. "count" can be used...multiplication, and division. It is part of mathematics subjects. "count" is an action of counting or a total obtained by counting...

    • count 和 digit 翻譯起來哪裡不一樣呢??

      count: 就是數數, 一個一個數, 指1, 2, 3, .... 總計多少 如, head count (總人數), word count (總字數 ), 3 count (三個) digit: 就是位數, 個, 十, 百, 千...