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  1. count on/upon

    • ph.
      rely on
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    • ph.
      rely on

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • count of的英文解釋和例句

      ...不及物動詞用,除可單獨使用外,還有下列動詞片語: count against count in count on count upon count out count towards

    • be counted on ???? 在這句子怎麼解釋?

      ...一個可「被期待」去反對它。也就是屬於版大所列不及物動詞:2.期望(與 onupon 連用)的用法。 There are always some people in the Taylor audience who can be counted on to cackle. Taylor聽眾中總有人(被期待)會發出咯咯的笑聲。 ...

    • 依賴的英文要怎麼拼?

      depend on, count on, rely on 都可以 依靠,依賴[(+on/upon)] Health depends on good food, fresh air and enough sleep. 健康依靠...