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  1. count on


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    • 1. 依靠;指望 You can count on him to help. 你可以指望他幫忙。
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    • 英文翻譯 count on----

      1 to count on = 拜託 例句: - We are counting on you to deal with this matter! [這件事就拜託你了] - Don't worry, you can count on me. [放心,這件事交給我就好] 2 to move ahead = 前進 例句: - Let...

    • be counted on ???? 在這句子怎麼解釋?

      其實這裏的could be counted on to oppose it ,也就是 could be expected to oppose...always some people in the Taylor audience who can be counted on to cackle. Taylor聽眾中總有人(被期待)會發出...

    • 請問 count on 和 turn to 的差別?

      count on = rely on = depend on 依賴,依靠 turn to 求助於,轉向於 比較不會去翻譯成依賴,通常是你遇到難題,你會求助於某人 1. He can do very well, which counts on work hard. 他做得很好完全靠努力。 2. I can't solve the problem so...