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    • 請問有關”友誼(friendship)”的英文歌??

      ...圖片參考:  And I never thought I’d feel this way...! Knowing you can always count on me, For sure! And that...

    • 請幫我翻譯芭芭拉史翠珊的歌詞~英翻中,謝謝

      ... round the bend 誰知道是誰在生命下一個轉彎等待著我們 Barbra: Count on me, faithfully Though everything we have could never end 全心全意的依賴著我 我們...

    • 英文歌翻譯成中文20點

      ...i cherish every single second that we spend我珍惜我們相處的每分每秒鐘 and i can count on you to never let me down你能夠讓我依靠著你而你從未讓我失望 you tell me...