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  1. count up

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    • 1. 算出...的總數 Count up the figures, will you? 把這些數字加起來好嗎?
    • 2. 因計 It will count up to a large amount. 總數將相當可觀。
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    • count ,count up 問題

      The one-year-old boy can count up to ten. 那個一歲大的男孩會數到十。 疑問 一:count有加總、計數的意思...十」? 是「這男孩會數到十」之意. 請參閱: 8. to list or name numerals in order: to count to 100 by fives...

    • count of的英文解釋和例句

      ...of three or a count of ten when you are measuring a length of time by counting lowly up to a certain number. Hold you breath for a count of five, then slowly...

    • 請問be counted in是什麼意思?

      ...很有原則的人。如果他覺得某件事不是很公正,他會為此挺身表示意見。 stand up and be counted是句片語 表示:為...挺身而出 常見於各種表示言論的文章或標語中 2006-09-08...