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  1. counter-offer

    • n.
      an offer made in response to another.
    • noun: counter-offer, plural noun: counter-offers

  2. 知識+

    • 有關商務契約的英文題目

      ... 是長期的 (如季單或年單) Offer 有好幾種說法 如 counter-offer / special offer / offer price... .... counter-offer是當客戶針對我們的價格議價時 我們再...

    • offer當做工作機會?

      ...offers to bid up the price of the house. Buyer and seller both can give "counter offer" to negotiate a deal. In this case, we don't say "counter bid"...

    • in a position 翻譯 二十點

      ... he shipped was tendered for the price stated (a counter-offer by Seller), and Buyer’s acceptance of the goods and payment...