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  1. counterfeiting

    • counterfeit的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 請問甚麼是counterfeiting violate?

      請問版主唸商科或是法律嗎? counterfeit這個字雖然是偽造某樣產品的意思,但若單獨使用counterfeit這個字,有很大的...the intent to deceptively represent its content or origins. The word counterfeit "most frequently describes forged currency or documents...

    • counterfeiting 和 fake

      counterfeiting 和 fake 有什麼不一樣呢? 1. counterfeiting: made as a copy of...deceive people 偽造東西來騙人或進行詐騙, 通常用於"貨幣"上的偽造. 例如: counterfeiting money (偽造的錢) 2. fake: a person or thing that appears or is ...

    • 仿冒的英文有幾種說法

      counterfeit 圖片參考: ]a. (形容詞 adjective)1. 偽造的;假冒的counterfeit passports假護照2. 假裝的,虛偽的counterfeit sorrow假裝的悲傷vt. (及物動詞...