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    • 英文口說測驗

      In many Western countries, music and art classes are an important...result they can spend more time on art and music. As for most Asian country they are still in the ...

    • 請問 ( 鄉村音樂 ) 的音文怎麼說

      鄉村音樂(Country music),也稱鄉村與西部(Country and Western) 2010-05-27 23:37:56 補充: 甲問乙 你最近喜歡聽 鄉村音樂 嗎 ? Do you like to listen to country music recently?

    • 請問 西洋音樂的英文

      ...縮寫 因為音樂有分很多類型 像是 DJ,R&B,Blues, Country music,Jazz. 而小賈斯汀這種就算是POP流行樂 2011-07-01 03:22:27 補充...