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    • 翻譯一句看不懂的英文

      a majority of only four in the country’s 300-seat Parliament 在該國 300 席國會中,多數黨席位... Party of Greece where a total of 300 seats in parliament has 154 seats, according...

    • Role play?

      ...visitor's country. Find out more about the country, using the unjumbled questions. Change...中文意思,用發表意見的方式回答你囉:remaining seated during the journey旅程中保持坐在位上。

    • 幫我英文翻中文!!

      ...租車公司可以告訴你當地的駕駛規則 4.It's never necessary to wear a seat belt outside of your own country. 除了在自己的國家外,駕駛時也必須繫上安全帶 5.The color of a road...