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    country road
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    • 請問英文歌曲的歌詞

      第一首 Country Road Take to the highway won't you lend...pass that way again But i could feel it On a country road Sail on home to jesus won't you good...

    • 可以幫我改歌詞嗎? -- Country Road

      ...搞笑,要跟老師說正面的歌詞比較難寫。搞笑的就好寫多了。 BEAUTY ROAD (美貌之路) Almost natural, ev'ryone loves it Tall slim...

    • 請問英文歌曲的歌詞

      ... 但比山脈年輕 Growin like a breeze 像風一樣自在的成長 Country roads, take me home 鄉村小路,帶我回家 To the place I belong 回到...