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  1. course of action

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      行動步驟, 辦事程序
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    • 1. 行動步驟, 辦事程序 What is the best course of action we can take? 我們採取什麼辦法最好? Are we all agreed on the best course of action? 我們是否都一致同意這一最佳措施?
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    • 全球環境變遷英文翻譯(急)

      Environmental policy is any (course of) action deliberately taken (or not taken) to manage... can be defined as a "course of action or principle adopted or proposed by...

    • 麻煩將這些英文句子解釋成中文

      ...如果有文化方面的議題的話..." "responses, solutions, or courses of action"基本上都是對策的意思, 只是寫的很囉嗦.(我個人認為^^)

    • 翻譯-teachers should pay

      ... and the future which are made in analyzing alternative courses of action. Assumptions are made to support and reasonably limit the scope...