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  1. court reporter


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    • 救我阿>”<,英美法的單字翻譯~~急20點

      ...備忘錄 10. quasi-judicial officers = 半司法官員 11. court clerk = 法院書記員 12. court reporter = 法庭速錄員 (參考 13. administrative...

    • 請問哪可以找到有關鐵路怪客的英文評論

      ...they succeeded this time by presenting the court new evidence and two suspected accomplices... on his innocence. He told reporters that all the prosecutors want is to lock...

    • 請幫我糾正英文文法,謝謝

      ...along the Somali coast and bring them to court. 駐守巴林(Bahrain)的美國第五艦隊指揮官... Gortney in Bahrain told reporters in Washington that the State council...