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  1. courtesy call


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    • 關於農曆新年的英文

      1.ghost money 是紙錢,就是我們拜拜燒的金紙 2.incense 線香 3.candy tray 糖果盤 4.dumpling 湯圓,水餃,湯包皆可說是dumpling 5.god of wealth 財神

    • 英文文法與翻譯

      ...that I tried not to look at it any more that courtesy absolutely demanded. 他的臉一直分散我的注意力...face is so easy to read -------- my mother always calls me her open book . 什麼東西 看不懂 >...

    • 請幫幫忙中文翻成英文(不要網路的翻譯)

      ... celebrates))The assistant I is called ((Ferrari))Ask that you have the need which the hotel treats with courtesy perhaps negotiates? B: Has A: ...