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    • covered in sweat是什麼意思?

      我想應該是指流汗流得很多,才會covered in sweat

    • 急!!英文翻譯!!有關貨物運送的承擔!!

      We shall be glad to provide cover in the sum of £50,000 at 50% per annum on stock in your warehouse...金額£50,000的50%(一半) 2011-04-23 04:50:44 補充: typo! provide cover : 提供保險金 2011-04-23 04:54:43 補充: 表示您所希望對方...

    • except,beside,include跟cover的差別

      ...covered with 蓋滿,覆滿(灰塵等),落滿(蒼蠅等),充滿(恐慌、羞恥等)。 cover in 用屋頂遮蓋;用土填洞等。 cover into the Treasury (美國)解交國庫...