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  1. cover oneself up

    • ph.
      穿暖和;(多)穿衣物, (尤指以免尷尬)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 穿暖和 Do cover yourself up: it's freezing outside. 衣服穿暖一點, 外面冷極了。
    • 2. (多)穿衣物, (尤指以免尷尬)
  2. 知識+

    • except,beside,include跟cover的差別

      ... (美國)解交國庫。 cover oneself with 蒙受,獲得(He covered himself with glory. 享受榮譽)。 cover...] (交易所)補進空頭股數。 cover up 1. 蒙蓋;隱蔽。 2. 包庇(某人);為某人...

    • 翻譯成英文對話(中翻英)15點喔

      ...一張,你也蓋一張,像這樣,這樣,這樣 A: Now, I'll cover one sheet of the cards up and you do the same - like this, and this, and this. A: 現在我輕撥一下牌...

    • 文件英翻中~急件~【贈20點】

      One popular type of window covering is the roll-up shade. 向上捲起的遮光板是種受歡迎...the headrail will cause the panel of window covering material to roll-up and movement of the cords out of...