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  1. cover up for sb.

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    • 2013網路假期答案

      ...a mistake, please do not make ______ and cover it up and rationalize it. (1) exceptions...spend (3) take (4) need (07508) cost [sb] + [sth] : 使某人付出xxx代價 yesterday. (1) to (2) in (3) at (4) for treat [sb] to lunch/dinner : 請某人...

    • 這些都是在多益講義裡面的英文句子,有好心人可以幫幫忙翻譯

      ... I have to pick it up in person?--> 我一定要親自去領...辦好" What are you covering in class today?-->今天課程內容上...建築設計師? We have a few left for the last show on Saturday...

    • 救命啊!有人可以幫我翻一下嗎?

      ...try hard at that time too, can not cover English threaten to a foreigner with me strike up a conversation with sb., just start chating still can, after...always look English news wait for... Be all can let ...