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  1. covered wagon


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    • Kansas請幫我把這段英文翻成中文,謝謝!

      ...的州旗上有向日葵,州的象徵表示出早期拓荒時代在這個州所發生過的事情。 Covered wagons are moving west, passing a farmer plowing his field...

    • 高職課文第4冊第1段各位大大可以幫我翻譯嗎

      ... planned to sell this material to miners as tents and wagon covers. However, Strauss soon saw a better business opportunity...

    • 歌詞翻譯-狂贈20點!!!

      是的 我到這來想要出人頭地 想要聲名遠播 想在華納公司有專屬車位 事過一年 卻還是窩在這一房公寓 一張摺疊床 一股臭油味 角落的壁紙不斷的剝落 *Murphy bed bed that folds up into the wall (some hotels have these type of beds) (babylon dictionary) 日落大道...