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    • cover的名詞複數
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    • Resume 與 Cover letter 的問題。

      cover letter = dear sir 為什麼你要這份工作, 然後 best...住址、年齡、教育背景、工作經驗等等的? 是的 2.而cover letter 是屬於『自傳』囉? 不是。Cover letter...aka resume),然後再cover letter.因為CV通吃,但是cover letter就是看工作內容寫。換句話說, 一份CV可以...

    • run for cover

      英語 face the music 和 run for cover 都是成語。跟音樂無關。 face the music 是「承擔行為的後果」或「坦然面對...people in this world . Those who stand up and face the music ,and those who run for cover. Cover is better . 這個世上有兩種人:那種站起來承擔後果...

    • 關於英文blow off及be covered問題。?

      ...not necessary to use another preposition "from". 2. the ground is covered by a carpet of pink and white petals (passive voice) main verb = cover verb phrase...