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  1. cow town

    • n.
      a town or city in a cattle-raising area of western North America.;a small, isolated, or unsophisticated town.
    • noun: cow town, plural noun: cow towns

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      ... haven't any money for food.              You will have to go to town and sell our cow. It is the only way that we'll be able to eat. Jack:...

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      There has never been anything like this before. anything是上面這句的主詞,所以動詞has been是跟著它變化。there是副詞.我們無法換上代名詞it,因為句子裡沒有它的空間,主詞已有了anything。此外,前一句裡也沒有什麼字,片語,或子句可以用it來銜接...