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  1. cowboy hat


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    • 女牛仔也叫cowboy

      女牛仔叫cowgirl, 其實也可以叫cowboy 因為cowboy 算是一個職業 但因為女性運動(男女平等), 所以大家說時會小心區別 但牛仔帽就叫 cowboy hat 牛仔帽是不分男女的吧!

    • 介紹一樣東西(hat)~求英翻中

      ... are all kinds of hats, such as baseball cap, flat cap , cowboy hat and sun visor. Wearing a hat can provide significant protection to the face, neck...

    • 英翻中!幫我翻譯這篇英文新聞?

      ...who is indeed a police officer, wears a green uniform, a Stetson cowboy hat and a carries a pistol and handcuffs on his belt. 那個人...